🆒 COOL Button


Cold, Breeze, Cooling, Soothing, Winter, Agree, Approve, Indifference, Abbreviation, Sign

🆒 Meaning: The word ‘cool’ written in white bold letters and printed on a faded-blue square that’s characterized by rounded sides and corners.

The 🆒 COOL Button signifies coolness and the sense of being impressive, along with other interpretations regarding the temperature, season, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🆒 COOL Button Emoji

  • 🆒 is the perfect substitute for that coded ‘cool’ textual response (the one that’s trying to mask your anger, sadness, etc.). Just dropping in this emoji into any context would convey the exact message.
  • You could use 🆒 while indicating that the weather outside is cool, breezy, pleasant, or that it’s fantastic (like “Wow. So cool!”). For instance, “Today’s weather made me fall in love with being alive 🆒”.
  • Speaking of a breeze, applying 🆒 would also symbolize that something is as easy, comforting, and smooth as a breeze. Like, “I’m sure this year would be a breeze for you 🆒” or “It’s so calming to spend time with you 🆒”.
  • Besides, if at all 🆒 also fits into the section of abbreviations, there are a handful of expansions that could use this acronym.

Other Names

  • 🆒 Cool
  • 🆒 COOL Abbreviation
  • 🆒 COOL Blue Button
  • 🆒 COOL in White on Blue Square
  • 🆒 Cool Square
  • 🆒 Cool Sign
  • 🆒 Squared COOL