🆔 ID Button


Identity, Proof, ID Card, Document, Primal, Nature, Instincts, Identify

🆔 Meaning: An ‘I’ and a ‘D’ (both capital letters) printed in white on a glossy purple square with rounded edges. The 🆔 ID Button emoji could be interpreted as evidence; ID (Identity Document), proof of existence, identity, or even a theoretical part of the consciousness.

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How and When to Use the 🆔 ID Button Emoji

  • While highlighting the strict (or lenient) requirement for an identity document in any context, welcome the
  • 🆔. Like, “Sorry, man. I don’t think you can enter without an ID 🆔”, “Mandatory 🆔 entry for all entrees” or “Don’t forget your 🆔 card!”.
  • An ID proof not only checks out your identity and existence, but it’s also the product of various governmental procedures, thus, adding credibility to your existence. For instance, “I’m a verified tourist guide 🆔” or “Do you even have a license? 🆔”.
  • Coming to the Freudian “level of consciousness”, you can use 🆔 while referring to the primal instincts of a human, or anything that’s innate and inborn for anyone or anything in particular. For example, “Geez. It’s like gluttony made his basic existence 🆔” or “I desire for a lot of things, and your opinion isn’t on the list 🆔”.
  • You may even use 🆔 while speaking of ‘identifying’ with something or someone – “I strongly identify with veganism 🆔” or “I love their vibe. I can totally relate and identify with them! 🆔”.

Other Names

  • 🆔 ID Proof
  • 🆔 Identity Document
  • 🆔 Proof
  • 🆔 License
  • 🆔 Freudian Id
  • 🆔 Identification
  • 🆔 Identity
  • 🆔 Identification Sign
  • 🆔 Squared ID