🅰️ A Button (Blood Type)


A Blood Group, Blood Donation, A Positive, A Negative, Type A Antigens, Common Blood Type

🅰️ Meaning: A bold, white, uppercase ‘A’ printed on a bright red square box. The 🅰️ A Button (Blood Type) emoji represents both A+ve (positive) and A-ve (negative) variants of the ‘A’ blood type or blood group.

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How and When to Use the 🅰️ A Button (Blood Type) Emoji

  • Fun fact, ‘A’ blood type is the commonest blood group according to studies. So, if you’re either talking about the common nature of this blood type or commonality in general, use 🅰️.
  • If you’re revealing your blood group or bonding and matching on levels of the blood type, use 🅰️ (if the outcome was this blood type). For example, “Mine’s A negative 🅰️ What’s your blood type?”.
  • 🅰️ acts as a fantastic specifier especially if you’re circulating request and awareness about donating (urgently and otherwise) this blood type.
  • You could also bring 🅰️ into general contexts about blood, blood groups/types (along with the others), blood donations, blood banks, etc.
  • Since 🅰️ showcases a capital ‘A’ with a fancy background, it’s generally used as the emoji initial for a name. Hence, this emoji also passes as a decorative one, in cases of highlighting the initial of a noun.

Other Names

  • 🅰️ Blood Group A
  • 🅰️ A Blood Type
  • 🅰️ A Blood Group
  • 🅰️ A +ve (A Positive)
  • 🅰️ A -ve (A Negative)
  • 🅰️ Blood Type A
  • 🅰️ Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter A