🆑 CL Button


Clear Button, Erase, Delete, Abbreviation, Casual Leave, Confidence Level, Chemical Elements

🆑 Meaning: A red button with the capital letters ‘C’ and ‘L’ imprinted in white on it. The 🆑 CL Button is an abbreviation emoji and it can be applied to anything that has this abbrev. However, it does refer to the ‘Clear’ button used in old mobile phones.

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How and When to Use the 🆑 CL Button Emoji

  • From the perspective of the clear button, you could use 🆑 while implying the function in the context of daily life. For instance, “The time has come indeed. To clear your life of toxicity 🆑” or “Please clear all of it out of my computer 🆑”.
  • CL could also expand to a ‘Casual Leave’ in the corporate framework. For example, “Casual leaves are literally a blessing. Imagine a world against it! 🆑” or “On my 🆑 FINALLY” (on a social media status/story).
  • 🆑 could also mean ‘Chlorine’, supporting the chemical by its chemical name. This means 🆑 would fulfill its purpose even as a synecdoche for the periodic table or even the elements as a whole.
  • And from the perspective of life, 🆑 decodes to the ‘Confidence Level’. While preaching about it, advising someone of it, or even typing out a caption surrounding it, welcome the 🆑 button.

Other Names

  • 🆑 Clear Button
  • 🆑 Casual Leave
  • 🆑 Chlorine
  • 🆑 Confidence Level
  • 🆑 Clear
  • 🆑 Bold ‘C’ and ‘L’ in White on Red Square
  • 🆑 Squared CL