㊗️ Japanese ‘Congratulations’ Button


Celebration, Congratulations, Festive Season, Excitement, Greeting, Wish, Hope, Prayer, Appreciation

㊗️ Meaning: A kanji character, read as ‘i-wai’ in Japanese and zhù in Chinese, printed and bolded in white on a red circle. The ㊗️ Japanese ‘Congratulations’ Button emoji signifies celebration, congratulations, appreciation, and acknowledgment.

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How and When to Use the ㊗️ Japanese ‘Congratulations’ Button Emoji

  • In Chinese, ㊗️ (zhù) translates to a ‘wish’. If you wish to use the aspects of hope, prayer, well-wishing and greeting in any context with this perspective in the background, bring in the ㊗️.
  • Some instances for the previous point – “Happy birthday! May you have the most blessed year ahead ㊗️” or “Oh! How I wish I was there! ㊗️ I’m sure the show was fantastic”.
  • And from the Japanese POV, ㊗️ means ‘celebration’. Be it a ‘metaphorical celebration’, a direct reference to a festive post, repost or text message, or the act of celebrating victories, ㊗️ is helpful.
  • A few examples for the third use-case are – “Happy holidays! ㊗️”, “Here are some of the best festive celebrations from across the world ㊗️”, or “OMGGGG! That’s amazing! We SO need to drink to this ㊗️”.

Other Names

  • ㊗️ Celebration
  • ㊗️ I-Wai (Japanese)
  • ㊗️ Wish
  • ㊗️ Zhù (Chinese)
  • ㊗️ Japanese Sign Meaning ‘Congratulations’
  • ㊗️ Congrats!
  • ㊗️ Circled Ideograph Congratulation
  • ㊗️ 祝 in White on Red Circle