㊙️ Japanese ‘Secret’ Button


Secrets, Lying, Hiding, Hide, Mystery, Secrecy, Enigma, Mantra

㊙️ Meaning: A white colored symbol read as ‘hi’ in Japanese and ‘mì’ in Chinese, painted onto a round red solid. The ㊙️ Japanese ‘Secret’ Button emoji symbolizes ‘secret’ in both languages. It also conveys other forms of the theme such as ‘secrecy’ and ‘secretive.

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How and When to Use the ㊙️ Japanese ‘Secret’ Button Emoji

  • While referring to the human characteristic of being secretive and secrecy at large, in any context, you may use ㊙️. For example, “It’s almost impossible for me to be secretive ㊙️” or “Keeping secrets is the same as lying, if you didn’t know it already ㊙️”.
  • You could also ㊙️ in the positive light of a secret. For instance, “The secret to a healthy mind is giving zero damns ㊙️” or “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every situation can change your life ㊙️” (courtesy – the secret).
  • Secrecy also creates an air of mystery, mostly the disloyal and untrustworthy kind. If you’re referring to something or someone fitting of this description, you may use ㊙️ while painting a picture of the same.
  • Besides, ㊙️ also fits into frameworks that are about ‘hiding. Like, “When it comes to art, it’s important not to hide the madness ㊙️” or “He was such a coward, he hid every time life grew tough ㊙️”.

Other Names

  • ㊙️ Hi
  • ㊙️ Mì
  • ㊙️ Secret
  • ㊙️ Secretive/Secrecy
  • ㊙️ Japanese Sign Meaning ‘Secret’
  • ㊙️ Circled Ideograph Secret