🆖 NG Button


No Good, NG Sign, Nothing Good/Great, Next Generation, Unimpressive, Abbreviation

🆖 Meaning: A pair of bold, white letters; ‘N’ and ‘G’ printed on a blue square with rounded corners and sides. The 🆖 NG Button emoji is clearly an abbreviation emoji that could signify anything that fulfills this acronym. On popular grounds, it indicates ‘No Good’.

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How and When to Use the 🆖 NG Button Emoji

  • NG could expand into a lot of things, and one such expansion is the ‘Next Generation’. If you’re referring to the upcoming generations or inferring the same in metaphorical contexts, use 🆖. For instance, “I want to be the bridge to the next generation 🆖”.
  • If you sense that someone’s up to no good, if you’re reposting, retweeting, or resharing something that implies the same or using a post caption resonating with it, you can use 🆖. Like, “I solemnly swear that I’m definitely up to no good 🆖” or “I know what you’re doing 🆖”.
  • Similarly, 🆖 could also imply “nothing good” or “nothing great”.
    For example,
    Hey, darling. What’s cookin’?”
    “The show’s fine 🆖”.
  • You may even use 🆖 while referring to anything that’s not powered, supported, or aided by the government; non-government(al), to say the words. This applies to NGOs and other related spaces.

Other Names

  • 🆖 No Good
  • 🆖 Non-Government(al)
  • 🆖 Nothing Good
  • 🆖 Next Generation
  • 🆖 Next-Gen
  • 🆖 Squared NG
  • 🆖 Blooper
  • 🆖 NG
  • 🆖 No Good Sign