🆕 NEW Button


New Content, New Post, News, Education, Information, Authenticity, Contemporariness

🆕 Meaning: The word ‘new’ printed in white, bold letters on a button-like squared blue surface. The 🆕 NEW Button emoji indicates anything new, original, and authentic. Besides, it may even act as an abbreviated button.

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How and When to Use the 🆕 NEW Button Emoj

  • While commenting on new content on your social media feed, reposting or even sharing the same via direct message (DM), use 🆕. For instance, “This is the first we’ve ever seen something like this! 🆕”.
  • If you got a makeover, a new look, anything new that you’re now flaunting on your social media handle, bring in the 🆕. Like, “Got a makeover for the new year! 🆕 New year, new me indeed”.
  • You can also use 🆕 while announcing a “new post” on your page, via social media stories.
  • While referring to news or anything newsworthy too, 🆕 would be worth the chance. For example, “Now that’s news 🆕” or “We need better, educative news feed, ugh. Nothing’s 🆕 anymore”.
  • Besides, you could also use 🆕 in the contexts of gifts and gifting. So, while bragging about a gift you received or gifted someone, you may use 🆕 – “I got her these! 🆕 You think she’ll like ’em?“.

Other Names

  • 🆕 New
  • 🆕 Newness
  • 🆕 NEW Blue Button
  • 🆕 White NEW on Blue Square
  • 🆕 Squared NEW
  • 🆕 New Sign