🆓 FREE Button


Freedom, Break Free, Priceless, Complementary, Saving, Free, Liberty, Priceless

🆓 Meaning: A capitalized layout of the word ‘free’ in bold white on the top layer of a blue square. The 🆓 FREE Button emoji signifies something that’s free of expense, priceless, or even complementary. It may even suggest themes such as freedom.

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How and When to Use the 🆓 FREE Button Emoji

  • 🆓 is the easiest and quickest way to find out if someone’s into you. Just sprinkle this emoji into any context and the ones who get it (both the emoji and you) will come to you (thank us later).
  • While texting your bestie about an insane offer online, sharing a sale repost, or even about the time hugs were free, use 🆓. For instance, “Dude. Remember the time when didn’t have to spend on gazillion dates for a decent, positively vibing hug for 🆓?“.
  • If you’re uploading a post with a caption that goes along the lines of ‘freedom’, you can include 🆓. For example, “For the first time in ten years, I have mental freedom 🆓” or “I FEEL 🆓”.
  • You could also bring 🆓 into news posts, educational content, and other pieces of information that are about pricelessness – “Free education for all children up to the age of 15! 🆓 What a glorious day in our country”.

Other Names

  • 🆓 Free Button
  • 🆓 FREE
  • 🆓 White FREE on Blue Square
  • 🆓 Squared FREE
  • 🆓 Freedom
  • 🆓 Priceless
  • 🆓 Complementary
  • 🆓 Discount/Off