🌾 Sheaf of Rice


Farming, Agriculture, Harvest Season, Crops, Cereals, Reaping, Crop Production, Staple Food

🌾 Meaning: A bunch of three rice stalks with brown grains hanging on them held together in a green stem. It can be used to refer to other grains and pulses such as wheat, corn, and other legumes as well.

The 🌾 Sheaf of Rice emoji signifies agriculture, harvest season, farming, and it represents rice as a staple too. This emoji can also symbolize ‘reaping what you sow’ or reaping the fruits of your hard work, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🌾 Sheaf of Rice Emoji

  • Based on the symbolic representation of 🌾, it can be used in quotes and captions such as “Hard work never fails to win. You just reap what you sow 🌾”.
  • If you’re sharing a fantastic rice recipe either as a direct message (DM) or as a social media post or story, you can use 🌾 to indicate the main ingredient! You can do this even while just sending pictures of the meal and not the recipe (don’t give away your secret ingredients, mate!)
  • Use 🌾 in the caption while posting pictures or videos about agriculture, farming, and even harvest season. This can be done even while sharing informative content about the same.
  • If you’re a farmer or you just love farming without being a certified farmer or agriculture is one of your major interests, or if you love rice, etc, you can use 🌾 in your social media profile name.
  • You can also use 🌾 while sharing special posts, stories or even videos on your social media handle for special days such as the International Rice Festival, National Rice Month, National Rice Day, etc.

Other Names

  • 🌾 Rice
  • 🌾 Harvesting
  • 🌾 Bundle of Rice
  • 🌾 Rice Sheaf
  • 🌾 Reaping
  • 🌾 Rice Bundle
  • 🌾 Rice Grains
  • 🌾 Pulses
  • 🌾 Cereal
  • 🌾 Agriculture
  • 🌾 Farming
  • 🌾 Crops

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