🐀 Rat


Timid, Dirty, Disease Carrying, Unhygienic, Unwelcome, Tiny, Quiet, Careful, Nimble, Intruder, Snitch, Untrustworthy, Sneaky

🐀 Meaning: A full grey body of a tiny rat, standing on all fours in a sneaky posture, facing left, displaying its long tail, all grey furry skin, round ears, long whiskers, and beady eyes.

This emoji is not to be confused with the 🐁 Mouse emoji which depicts a creature much more accepted by humans. Rats are known for being dirty and unwelcomed and the 🐀 Rat emoji often suggests those characteristics. Different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji. Some even show the rat looking straight ahead.

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How and When to Use the 🐀 Rat Emoji

  • A suspicious person or someone whose trustworthiness you doubt can be represented through a 🐀.
  • Sneaky and suspicious behavior can also be represented through 🐀.
  • Timid personalities can also be addressed using a 🐀 emoji.
  • If someone close to you has unhygienic habits, and you want to point that out, use the 🐀 emoji along with your concerned texts.

Other Names

  • 🐀 Rodent
  • 🐀 Mouse
  • 🐀 Ratatouille
  • 🐀 Sneaky
  • 🐀 Undercover
  • 🐀 Snitch
  • 🐀 Long-Tail