🐭 Mouse Face


Cute, Cuddly, Friendly, Buck Teeth, Tiny, Naughty, Quiet, Careful, Nimble, Playful, Innocence

🐭 Meaning: The face of a little mouse, showing its blank eyes, round ears, long whiskers, little nose, and a pair of elongated incisors coming out of its mouth. This emoji mainly suggests cuteness and mischief.

Different platforms vary in their designs of this particular emoji. Some are white, some grey. Some don’t display teeth, while some show its mouth open.

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How and When to Use the 🐭 Mouse Face Emoji

  • The 🐭 emoji can also be used just as a way as appearing cute and playful.
  • Someone with buck teeth can be made fun of using 🐭. (Beware. It’s rude.)
  • A person being suspiciously quiet can be represented through 🐭.
  • 🐭 can also depict a sense of innocence.
  • When the conversation literally involves a mouse, there’s no better emoji than 🐭.

Other Names

  • 🐭 Mouse
  • 🐭 Rat
  • 🐭 Rat Face
  • 🐭 Jerry
  • 🐭 House Mouse
  • 🐭 White Mice
  • 🐭 Rodent
  • 🐭 Mousey