🐹 Hamster


Cute, Cuddly, Innocent, Adorable, Friendly, Tiny, Domesticated, Harmless, Furry, Dainty

🐹 Meaning: The cute face of a hamster with friendly eyes, round ears, long whiskers and a button nose. The fur on its face appear in patches of brown and white.

The 🐹 emoji mainly signifies the cute adorability that hamsters exhibit. It also suggests smallness in size and its harmless nature. Different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji in terms of design and color.

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How and When to Use the 🐹 Hamster Emoji

  • 🐹 can be used to represent cuteness and adorability.
  • Hamsters are known for being totally harmless and innocent. This characteristic can be well represented by the 🐹 emoji.
  • 🐹 can also be used to create a tone of friendliness.
  • You could use 🐹 to represent delicateness or even sensitivity of someone.

Other Names

  • 🐹 Pet Hamster
  • 🐹 Hamster Wheel
  • 🐹 Rodent
  • 🐹 Syrian Hamster
  • 🐹 Golden Hamster
  • 🐹 Furry Little Things
  • 🐹 Kids Pet
  • 🐹 Hamster Cage