🥫Canned Food


Preserved Food, Processed Food, Storage, Drunk, Wasted, Not Fresh

🥫 Meaning: A red can with a wide strap of white in between with a tomato emoji in it (haha, the irony) and a grey lid sealing off the can. The width, color, and contents of this emoji would vary across platforms.

The 🥫 Canned Food emoji signifies a can of tomatoes, which offers ease of use, added flavor, and portability as well. However, it can also suggest a sense of being processed and essentially, not farm-fresh.

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How and When to Use the 🥫 Canned Food Emoji

  • Canned can also mean drunk. So, the next time you feel like canned food and you’re drunk texting someone (someone who’s used to your shit, of course), BOMBARD them with 🥫. Or, you can also use this emoji while talking about who’s wasted.
  • Apart from being drunk, ‘canned’ can also suggest a sense or feeling of not being fresh. If your date is asking if they can come over and your lazy ass hasn’t showered in 3 days, then you can use 🥫 while telling him/her that Netflix and chill might be a bad idea (unless you’re that dedicated to shower for a date, *oh please*).
  • Now, the boring usage of 🥫. If you’re posting or reposting pictures/videos of canned food, use this emoji in those post captions.
  • If you’re virtually cross-checking someone’s luggage or even a picnic basket that the two of you promised to share, you can use 🥫 while checking if y’all have enough stored food.

Other Names

  • 🥫 Tinned Tomatoes
  • 🥫 Canned Tomatoes
  • 🥫 Preserved Food
  • 🥫 Tinned Food
  • 🥫 Food in a Can
  • 🥫 Processed Food
  • 🥫 Pre-Packaged Food