🥓 Bacon


Pork, Ready to Fry, Breakfast, Eggs, Bacon Strips, Porkbelly

🥓 Meaning: A pair of brown bacon strips with a couple of curved lines running along the strips in the existing curvy design. The 🥓 Bacon emoji refers to pork meat which is ready to fry/cook and gobble.

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How and When to Use the 🥓 Bacon Emoji

  • If you had bacon and eggs for breakfast after a hellishly long time or just after the previous day and you’re either making a social media story out of it or responding to that “What’s for breakfast?” text, you can use 🥓 in those contexts.
  • Post H1N1, bacon came to be known as a slang word for swine flu, although it’s sad to use 🥓 in such a framework, it still fits.
  • Bacon is largely known as pork belly meat, but it can be used for other meat such as beef. So, you can use 🥓 in differing meaty contexts as well.
  • You can use 🥓 while posting pictures or videos of bacon; either of you making bacon for the first time (or the millionth time), a new recipe you invented, or even a repost of an absolutely mouth-watering bacon video that you came across.

Other Names

  • 🥓 Pork Meat
  • 🥓 Pancetta
  • 🥓 Bacon Strips
  • 🥓 Gammon
  • 🥓 Sowbelly
  • 🥓 Porkbelly
  • 🥓 Pork Slab