🫓 Flatbread


Main Course, Food, Nutrition, Hard Work, Earning, Pizza, Roti, Tortilla, and a gazillion other types

🫓 Meaning: A brown, round bread-like edible with a couple of long cuts along the structure. On some platforms, this emoji also has added textures on top of it indicating flavor and seasoning.

The 🫓 Flatbread emoji refers to a wide array of bread from roti, naan, and tortilla to gordita, focaccia, and even arepa. It signifies nutrition, food, and even hard work and earning in some cultural contexts.

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How and When to Use the 🫓 Flatbread Emoji

  • In all those frameworks where flatbread could translate to making money, you can use 🫓 in all those contexts. For instance, “Hey, its alright to be nervous. Just put in dedication, love, and loads of honesty into your job and you’ll be earning good in no time! 🫓”.
  • There are tons of flatbreads and 🫓 can be used to refer to all of them. It can be in a post caption or even a text message.
  • If you had flatbread for lunch, dinner, any meal or you tasted the most amazing flatbread dish in your life, or if you successfully made your first out-of-the-comfort-zone flatbread, then you can use 🫓 in all those captions!
  • 🫓 can be not only be used to refer to plain flatbreads but also other flatbread-based dishes and recipes such as pizza!

Other Names

  • 🫓 Roti
  • 🫓 Naan
  • 🫓 Tortilla
  • 🫓 Arepa
  • 🫓 Focaccia
  • 🫓 Pita Bread
  • 🫓 Chapati
  • 🫓 Bannock
  • 🫓 Flatbrod