🫕 Fondue


Swiss Cuisine, Togetherness, Communal, Community, Dessert, Melting

🫕 Meaning: A red saucepan with melted cheese and a couple of skewers which might be holding pieces of bread on the other end, kept over a three-legged stand and a source of fire in between.

The 🫕 Fondue emoji refers to the authentic Swiss dish. However, the pot in this emoji is also used while making dessert and chocolate. Since fondue is the typical communal meal one can share with his/her community, it can signify togetherness and commonality too.

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How and When to Use the 🫕 Fondue Emoji

  • If you were melted by the show or Netflix series your bestie and you were bingeing on, you can use 🫕 while texting her about it. For instance, “Man. My heart sank and became fkn liquid when I saw Jack die 🫕. Whyyyy LORD, WHY 😭 “
  • Fondue is also referred to a physically attractive person (in some slang). So, if you’re frequent to this terminology, then you can just use 🫕 in such conversations.
  • If your bestie is acting like a melt over someone who’s not even half worthy of him/her then, you can use 🫕 while knocking some sense into your dear friend’s head. “Stop acting like you don’t see it. You’re a melt over him, back up, and fix yourself like a woman 🫕”.
  • Now, given that fondue is a Swiss symbol of a communal meal, 🫕 can also be used in contexts of ‘my tribe’, ‘my fam’, ‘my people’, ‘my community’, etc.
  • 🫕 can also be used to refer to other semi-solid dishes that are not exactly fondue. For example, hummus or any other creamy dips too.
  • Apart from just fondue, 🫕 can also be used in the generic framework of ‘dessert’, ‘sweet tooth’, or even just ‘candy’ or ‘melted chocolate’.

Other Names

  • 🫕 Melted Cheese
  • 🫕 Dessert
  • 🫕 Melted Chocolate
  • 🫕 Fondue Pot
  • 🫕 Swiss Dish
  • 🫕 Humus
  • 🫕 Cheese Dip
  • 🫕 Creamy Dip
  • 🫕 Houmous