🍟 French Fries


Side-Dish, Snack, Binge, Deep Fry, Potatoes, Complementary

🍟 Meaning: A red box cut with a front curve, followed by a reverse design of the same at the back with dozens of long, fried potato sticks stacked within. The box also has a smiley emoji on it (the irony is fantastic).

The 🍟 French Fries emoji signifies snacks, side-dish, and the perfect partner to a soothing mug of chilled coke (the liquid) or fish fry, anything. It can also refer to potato wedges and as the Brits call it, fries or crisps.

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How and When to Use the 🍟 French Fries Emoji

  • Based on the fact that french fries are deep-fried, 🍟 can also be used to generally refer to deep-fried foods; especially while posting informative content about them.
  • 🍟 never originated from France (just a fact randomly popped in here).
  • If you’re posting a picture of some fresh (not a typo) fries, your favorite combination with them fries, or just a major ‘MOOD’ Instagram story, you can use 🍟 in all those contexts.
  • If french fries are your binge-diet while having a movie marathon or a Netflix and chill sesh, then you can use 🍟 even while posting a social media story about it or while texting someone about the same – like a text box within the story that contains a picture/video of the movie.
  • Besides the drama in movies, there’s lots of drama in the physical world too. So, if your bestie opens a conversation with “Guess what happened”, you can respond with 🍟 as a way of saying “Yaaas, bich. Take away my stress. I’m all ears 🍟”.

Other Names

  • 🍟 Fries
  • 🍟 Potato Fries
  • 🍟 Chips
  • 🍟 Fish n Chips (add the 🐟)
  • 🍟 Crisps
  • 🍟 Potato Wedges
  • 🍟 Pommes Frites
  • 🍟 Patates Frites
  • 🍟 Frites