🫔 Tamale


Mexican Food, Mesoamerican Cuisine, Funny Person, Physically Attractive Person, Corn Husk Dish

🫔 Meaning: A long, rounded cylindrical roll with a brown outer covering made of corn husk that holds a filling of veggies and meat. The entire husk or outer coat is tied together with a husk strip or anything else.

The 🫔 Tamale emoji signifies Mexican or Mesoamerican (the historical and cultural parts of North American) cuisine. It can also refer to a funny person and/or an attractive person (physically, yes, because we see first).

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How and When to Use the 🫔 Tamale Emoji

  • Hot tamale is a slang phrase used for someone who is physically alluring. Baring this usage in mind, you can use 🫔 while talking about someone who tickled your pheromones (a little or a lot).
  • Besides, ‘tamale’ is also a colloquial word for a funny person (as said in the paragraph above). If it’s you, feel free to use 🫔 in your social media profile name. If it’s not you, you can use 🫔 while referring to that artist (anyone who can make you laugh is talented, including people in power).
  • Keeping the previous point within the radar, 🫔 can also be used to sarcastically say “What a joke” too. For instance, if you’re commenting on a satirical post or you’re reposting/retweeting something from a similar genre, then you can use this emoji in such contexts.
  • Now, the obvious usage. While sharing pictures/videos of tamales or generally about Mesoamerican cuisine, you can pop the 🫔 emoji into those captions as well.

Other Names

  • 🫔 Nacatamal
  • 🫔 Paches
  • 🫔 Humita
  • 🫔 Tamal
  • 🫔 Corunda
  • 🫔 Zacahuil
  • 🫔 Hallaca
  • 🫔 Chuchitos