🍕 Pizza


Snack, Party Food, Hunger, Pizza Topping, Pepperoni, Italian

🍕 Meaning: A triangular slice of pizza with a thick crusty curve on one side and a tip on the other. There are round red dots all over the surface suggesting a pepperoni topping or any other topping.

Although the 🍕 Pizza emoji shows a particular type of topping, this emoji can be used to refer to all types of topping. It signifies a sense of being authentically Italian, or just authentically hungry. Besides, it can also suggest various sentiments depending on how much pizza means to you.

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How and When to Use the 🍕 Pizza Emoji

  • If you love pizzas more than anything or anyone on the planet, then you ought to use 🍕 in your social media profile name(s).
  • Are you hosting a house party (COVID safe, definitely)? Or just a pizza party? You can use 🍕 in all those contexts. For instance, “Good morning, fam! Pizza and beer party along with the game at my place, tonight @ 7 PM 🍕 🍻. Wear masks please“(use relevant emojis too).
  • If you’re having a goofy argument with someone via text, and the time has now come where you stand up for yourself, you can use 🍕 as a way of saying “Oh STFU. You want a piece of me?! Huh?! 🍕”. (all in good humor, please. Otherwise, pizza is the least threatening emoji).
  • Use 🍕 while posting or reposting anything related to pizzas; a memory of making pizza for the first time or even a retweet of the bestest pizza in the world, anything.
  • In generic contexts, 🍕 can be used in contexts of ‘fast food’, ‘binge food’, ‘party food’, etc (if you like pizza, of course).

Other Names

  • 🍕 Pizza Slice
  • 🍕 Slice of Pizza
  • 🍕 Pizza Pie
  • 🍕 Pepperoni Pizza
  • 🍕 Pizza With Pepperoni Topping
  • 🍕 Pizzeria