🥖 Baguette Bread


Bakery, Bread, Baking, French Bread, France, Breadstick, Subway

🥖 Meaning: A long golden-brown bread with three baked and equally-distributed cuts in between. The 🥖 Baguette Bread emoji signifies bakery, baking, French bread, and other related themes.

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How and When to Use the 🥖 Baguette Bread Emoji

  • If you’re going out for a sub or you’re making one, or if you’re texting someone about what you had for lunch, you can use 🥖 in all those contexts!
  • Since 🥖 also looks like breadsticks, it can be used to signify those as well. You can bring this emoji into captions while posting breadstick pictures/videos or even a social media story about the perfect dessert.
  • Use 🥖 while reposting or posting anything related to baguettes; a bakery image, a baguette you baked, or even a memory of the best baguette you ever had.
  • A doggo, catty, or any other house pet wrapped in a blanket looks nothing less than a baguette. Thus, you can use 🥖 while sharing those snacky pictures of your little baby(ies) – like, “This little baby came out of the vet room looking like a baguette 🥖”. (not the be racist, but this emoji would work best for pets that are brown-skinned).

Other Names

  • 🥖 French Bread
  • 🥖 Long Bread
  • 🥖 Subway
  • 🥖 Bread
  • 🥖 Breadstick (subjective)

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