🥐 Croissant


Pastry, Baked Food, Bakery, France, Savoury, Delicacy, Snack

🥐 Meaning: A classic, curved croissant that is evenly cut along the shape and is baked until golden brown. Given the shape and looks of this emoji, it is quite often mistaken for a shrimp, which it definitely isn’t.

The 🥐 Croissant emoji signifies pastry, thus suggesting other commonalities such as bakery, food, savories, and other baked delicacies. It can also be used to refer to ‘France’ and other references to the place despite the fact that it didn’t originate from France.

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How and When to Use the 🥐 Croissant Emoji

  • On a very generic level, use 🥐 in the caption while sharing social media stories/posts of croissants – it can be a personal picture/video from your camera roll, a fancy croissant video that you came across on your feed, or even a bakery picture full of croissants.
  • Since croissants are snacks, 🥐 can be used while referring yourself or anything/anybody else to a snack. For instance, “Just gave my dog a bath, and she be lookin’ like a goddamn snacc 🥐
  • Bourgeois-ly speaking, 🥐 can also be used in ‘French’ contexts given its close alliance to the country, culture, and most importantly, the pronunciation.
  • Are you sharing a post on pastries? Anything bakery-related? Then too, you can use 🥐 in the captions.
  • Croissants are NOT shrimps. Though 🥐 looks like shrimp, it would be a silly mistake to use it in ‘seafood’ contexts.
  • If you love croissants or if you like the croissant-France connection or if you own a bakery where you largely bake croissants, etc, can use 🥐 in the social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🥐 Pastry
  • 🥐 Buttery Croissant
  • 🥐 Stuffed Croissant
  • 🥐 Plain Croissant
  • 🥐 Flaky Pastry
  • 🥐 Chocolate Croissant
  • 🥐 Homemade Croissant