🥞 Pancakes


Breakfast, Dessert, Main Course, Sweet, Flat, Flattened

🥞 Meaning: A stack of about five round, fluffy and thin cakes that are enticingly golden brown on the upper layer (of each), with a slice of butter and some syrup (mostly maple or honey) dripping all over the stack.

The 🥞 Pancakes emoji signify dessert, breakfast, and food in general. But, they can also be another word for ‘flat’. It can suggest a sense of being two dimensional, characterless, flat, and overall, boring.

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How and When to Use the 🥞 Pancake Emoji

  • If you had pancakes for breakfast and you’re texting someone about it, you can use 🥞 in that context.
  • Now, that’s a generic and boring usage of 🥞. Use this emoji to signify being flat. For instance, “Dude. I’ve oiled my hair so much, it went from being a nest to being a frikkin’ flattened tree, wtf 🥞”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting anything related to pancakes; a mouth-watering picture, a video about creative pancake ideas, etc, you can use 🥞 in all those post captions.
  • 🥞 can also be used to refer to someone or something who doesn’t have much character – like, “Why did I even come with you??! He has everything but substance! 🥞”.

Other Names

  • 🥞 Hotcakes
  • 🥞 Flapjacks
  • 🥞 Griddlecake
  • 🥞 Filled Pancakes
  • 🥞 Blini
  • 🥞 Flat as a Pancake
  • 🥞 Flat Cake

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