The Wedding Emoji Series

The emoji essentials for tying the knot

Apart from being the most beautiful time in a person’s life, marriage is also one of the most important decisions to make in a lifetime. Sure, there’s divorce and you don’t always have to be that careful with marriage. But that’s like buying a pot and not really bothering if it breaks because you can always buy another.

Anyhoo. Not to begin a wonderful list on a sad note, but it is what it. So, if you’re someone who believes in marriage or just loves weddings despite being commitment-phobic, this blog post is for you. You could use all these emojis in any virtual wedding context you like!

Ring Emoji

💍 Ring Emoji

Kickstarting with the most popular and the most capitalized symbol of marriage! The ring!

Although 💍 represents the Western concept of an engagement; a diamond ring mostly for the woman (stereotypically speaking), 💍 refers to all types of rings, including wedding rings, and toe rings too!

It may not be widely known but another mark of being wedded in an Indian context is a toe ring. Of course, not all married women in India wear this, but it is a popular Hindu custom.

Wedding Emoji

💒 Wedding Emoji

Most Christian marriages are conducted in a ⛪ Church and 💒 only goes on to resemble a Christian wedding/marriage hall. Thus, this “Wedding” emoji does not help diversify the broad framework of marriage and religious marital rituals.

So, we’ve added a few emojis of religious places and establishments that work in wedding contexts apart from just Christian. They are the 🛕 Hindu Temple, the 🕍 Synagogue, and the 🏛️ Classic Building (for when you want to be more legal than religious in marriage).

⊛ Knot Emoji

🪢 Knot Emoji

This one’s a quirky emoji reference to marriage.

We may have our differences on the religious aspect of marriage, but most of us trust the idea of tying the knot and meaning a wedding. Ironically, this too has its roots in ancient religious rituals (Celtic, to be exact).

Bell Emoji

🔔 Bell Emoji

Wedding bells, y’all!

It doesn’t matter if you actually use bells in individual wedding customs, but 🔔 is a commonly used design and symbol in any marital framework. Why?

Bells, much like any other musical instrument (🎺 Trumpet, 🥁 Drums, 🪕 Banjo, 🎻 Violin, 🎹 Keyboard, and especially the 🎷 Sax) is often associated with a wedding. They support the happy atmosphere that sets the vibe for any wedding!

Bouquet Emoji

💐 Bouquet Emoji

Although 💐 is one of the Christian-centric symbols of marriage, it’s hard to argue that flowers do play an important part in weddings across many cultures and religions alike.

It’s alright if you cannot relate to the bouquet, in particular, you could use 💐 to refer to a bunch of flowers that would come in handy either while decorating for a wedding or the necessary traditions.

If you don’t want the bouquet altogether, you can choose any flower of your choice from the list.

Person In Tuxedo Emoji

🤵 Person in Tuxedo Emoji

We’ve picked the 🤵 Person in Tuxedo emoji to keep things neutral. You could use always any of the tux people for your virtual wedding contexts; 🤵, a 🤵‍♀️ Woman in a Tux or a 🤵‍♂️ Man in a Tux.

The tux and the gown make for the perfect Christian wedding dress code. Thus, also generalizing as the perfect “western wedding” dress code. However, these attire parings are something that’s usually portrayed with heterosexual to-be-weds.
But, emojis don’t discriminate!

Person With Veil Emoji

👰 Person With Veil Emoji

This one’s the typical Christian bride. Dressed in all white, a veil on the head, and a wedding gown below. 👰 is a neutral emoji nonetheless.

The other variations of this emoji would be with a 👰‍♀️ woman with a veil or a 👰‍♂️ man with a veil. These variations exist for a reason; to make a point about non-binary standards when it comes to marital union.

Bottle With Popping Cork Emoji

🍾 Bottle With Popping Cork Emoji

Popping a bottle of champagne comes naturally in most adult celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Not to say only adults celebrate these occasions, but kids parties are lightyears different from the ones adults celebrate or participate in.

And honestly, it’s the former that stays fun.

However, 🍾 is saved for the reception or the after-party. It could also symbolize a bachelor/bachelorette party. So, overall this emoji makes for a good addition to our wedding series list!

Marriage is not just the union of a man and a woman. It’s the union of families. Actually. It’s not even that. It’s the union of two people who immensely love each other that they decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

These people or couples can be a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a transgender couple, a queer couple, anybody. The aim is to celebrate and support love and marriage in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, religions, ethnicities, and cultures.