🥁 Drum


Drumroll, Beats, Hip Hop, Rhythm, Tempo, Drum Kit, Snare, Drumming

🥁 Meaning: A short round drum with a wide red rim designed with dark spokes at regular intervals, a white surface that has a pair of drumsticks held convergently towards it.

Like all the other musical instruments on the emoji list, the 🥁 Drum emoji too signifies an array of emotions according to the rhythm and genre it follows. However, this emoji also suggests beats, tempo, and even dance forms such as hip hop.

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How and When to Use the 🥁 Drum Emoji

  • While offering drumroll to any person, conversation, situation, just about any context that’s either genuinely exciting or sarcastically, use 🥁. For instance, “Oh wait. Absolutely non-related, terrible comeback coming up 🥁” or “I’m just a few hours from my FIRST EVER VACAY! 🥁”.
  • You could also use 🥁 to accompany your sarcastic comments at bad jokes, puns, or anything that doesn’t particularly impress. Like, “Oh I didn’t know you were even capable of analyzing stuff. Ba dum tss 🥁”.
  • Is someone typing out paragraphs trying to narrate an incident? Is none of it making sense to you? Well, if this is an acquaintance, you could send 🥁 as a way of saying “Beats me, dude 🥁”.
  • 🥁 could also be used in Christmas contexts! – The Drummerboy!
  • If something or someone was ‘on/to the beat’ as a way of staying with rhythm or style, you can use 🥁. For example, “Man, you should’ve seen her! She winged that fluke shot to the beat! 🥁“.

Other Names

  • 🥁 Snare Drum
  • 🥁 Snare
  • 🥁 Drum and Drumsticks
  • 🥁 Drums
  • 🥁 Drumroll
  • 🥁 Ba Dum Tss
  • 🥁 Drummer