🪢 Knot


Difficult Situation, Nervousness, Knotted Stomach, Marriage, Restriction, Busy

🪢 Meaning: A horizontal design of dual-colored ropes tied to form a knot that seems to be continuous on both ends. The 🪢 Knot emoji could signify a difficult situation, a knotted stomach, restriction, and a sense of being busy on one side and a wedding on the other hand.

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How and When to Use the 🪢 Knot Emoji

  • A knot in the stomach is a physiological reaction to something stressful, nervous, sad, and anxiety-provoking. While referring to this feeling, you can use 🪢. For example, “I just can’t feel anything anymore, except this horrendous knot in my stomach 🪢”.
  • Apart from feeling that knot in the stomach, you can also have an overall feeling of being tied up in knots. In such contexts too, you can use 🪢. Like, “Poor thing. She seems tied up in knots 🪢 . We should help her out a little, despite her hatred towards seeking help”.
  • 🪢 can also be used to represent being tied up or tied down too. For instance, “I’m sorry, man. Can’t make it. Kinda tied up 🪢”, or, “You think you can tie me down, but honey, I AM the rope 🪢 haha”.
  • Moving on towards the happier use cases of 🪢 – Use this emoji in the framework of marriage aka tying the knot. It can be a post/repost caption or even a text message, like “THEY MADE IT!! Aahhhh 🪢”.

Other Names

  • 🪢 Knots
  • 🪢 Loop
  • 🪢 Tie Up in Knots
  • 🪢 Knotted
  • 🪢 Knots in the Stomach
  • 🪢 Tie the Knot
  • 🪢 Wedding
  • 🪢 Tied