🎻 Violin


Soothing Music, Depth, Melodies, Melancholy, Tragedy, Stringed Instrument

🎻 Meaning: A deep brown violin with a wooden body characterized by a deep brown fingerboard that ends in two pairs of pegs on either side and a scroll. Leaning over this structure is its pair, a wooden bow with a stick and hair.

Although it does produce a variety of tones and tunes, the 🎻 Violin emoji generally signifies melancholic melodies and music. Being a representative of the fiddle as well, this emoji could suggest both classic and folk music.

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How and When to Use the 🎻 Violin Emoji

  • While sharing content that’s tragic and/or melancholic or just purely philosophical, the kind that pops delusional bubbles of vague contentment, use 🎻. For example, “The thing about brutal honesty is that it’s more brutal than honest 🎻”.
  • If you’re talking about being fit as a fiddle in any context, bring in 🎻. For instance, “It’s hard to be fit as a fiddle 🎻 when you like the cello“.
  • You could also use 🎻 while posting something about a tragic play, theatre, or drama (even better if it’s a musical).
  • If you’re sharing a picture of yourself as a violinist, a musician you look up to, a page of lyrics or notes you’re about to play, anything to do exclusively with the art and the artist, use 🎻 in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🎻 Fiddle
  • 🎻 Smallest Violin
  • 🎻 Small Stringed Instrument
  • 🎻 String Quartet
  • 🎻 World’s Smallest Violin
  • 🎻 Violin and Bow