💐 Bouquet


Greetings, Warmth, Get Well Soon, Heartwarming, Wishes, Congratulations, Gift, Affection, Happiness, Joy

💐 Meaning: A bunch of four flowers mostly roses; two pink and two yellow and a few leaves tied together and arranged as a nosegay. Although the design of this emoji may vary, the colours remain the same.

The 💐 Bouquet emoji signifies warm wishes, greetings, love, affection, happiness, or even congratulations. It can also have a wedding vibe to it, suggesting the bride’s bouquet.

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How and When to Use the 💐 Bouquet Emoji

  • If you’re wishing someone on a special day via text, like a birthday, anniversary, etc, you can send 💐 in that conversation.
  • 💐 is a great emoji to use in congratulatory messages as well; for the occasion of a newborn, wedding wishes, or even passing high school!
  • Besides, 💐 is also a beautiful way to cover up a painfully sarcastic or savage comeback with your buddy. For instance, “Woohoo. Look who’s here. Did you finally remember that you have a life? Or did you just receive one? 💐”.
  • If you run a flower bouquet business or you just love bouquets or you like the 💐 emoji, you can use it in your social media profile name.
  • Are you running late for a ceremony? Or are you just in the mood for some flowers? Is your partner on the way home? You can use 💐 while texting him/her to bring some flowers home.
  • If you’re sharing flower photography, you can use 💐 in that post caption.
  • You can also use 💐 to indicate that you just sent or received a bouquet of flowers to or from someone special, respectively.

Other Names

  • 💐 Flower Bouquet
  • 💐 Bouquet of Flowers
  • 💐 Yellow and Pink Flowers
  • 💐 Bunch of Flowers
  • 💐 Nosegay
  • 💐 Posy
  • 💐 Tussie-Mussie
  • 💐 Bride’s Bouquet

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