🏛️ Classic Building


Historic Significance, Heritage, Pride, Parthenon, Architecture, Preservation

🏛️ Meaning: A solid building consisting of four equidistant, thick, rounded pillars standing on three layers of stairs, while supporting a triangular roof which has a couple of rectangular and linear carvings on it.

The 🏛️ Classic Building emoji refers to a heritage building in any city or town that holds historic significance on any ground (oh, the puns). It suggests preservation, architectural brilliance, and a sense of pride too.

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How and When to Use the 🏛️ Classic Building Emoji

  • Use 🏛️ in the post caption while posting or reposting about a heritage building or even just an open site in any country.
  • 🏛️ can also be used to refer to places of heritage within a particular city, but on a smaller scale; like a museum, a library, court, etc.
  • Inspired by the Parthenon in Tennessee, 🏛️ would be a mandatory emoji while sharing posts about this historic museum. Similarly, you may also use it to indicate the OG Parthenon in Athens too (not the same analogy, but this emoji is flexible that way).
  • If you believe your home to be a mansion and nothing less, use 🏛️ while texting your buddies to come over. For instance, “Guys. 7 PM at my place 🏛️. Do not bring anything but love 🙂 jk, and some wine“.
  • If you’re sending e-invites for your courtroom wedding, then guess what, you can use 🏛️ while indicating the ‘venue’.

Other Names

  • 🏛️ Building
  • 🏛️ Mansion
  • 🏛️ Historic Building
  • 🏛️ The Parthenon, Nashville
  • 🏛️ Parthenon, Athens
  • 🏛️ Court
  • 🏛️ Museum
  • 🏛️ Library