💍 Ring


Engagement, Wedding, Proposal, Bride, Jewelry, Fashion, Style Statement

💍 Meaning: A seemingly platinum or silver ring with a single precious stone studded on top, mostly an uncut diamond. This round precious stone with a tint of blue is held together by six spokes surrounding it.

The 💍 Ring emoji largely represents marriage, engagement, and the capitalistically infused way of expressing love and care for one’s partner. But apart from that, it suggests fashion and personal style too.

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How and When to Use the 💍 Ring Emoji

  • Very basically, a ring represents fashion, jewelry, and a form of self-expression. If you’re sharing content that fit into any of these brackets given the weightage of rings and ring fashion, use 💍
  • Setting the basic symbolism aside, 💍 also signifies commitment and dedication towards someone or something. For example, “I think this is going to be my fashion for life! 💍”.
  • If your best friend is ranting about what a great partner he/she has, you could use 💍 as a way of suggesting why don’t you put a ring on it.
  • You could also use 💍 while breaking the news of your marriage/engagement or that of someone really close to you either in a text message or via a social media post/story.
  • Apart from heavily studded diamond rings, 💍 could be an icon for any ring; gold, silver, or just colorful friendship or love rings too.

Other Names

  • 💍 Engagement Ring
  • 💍 Wedding Ring
  • 💍 Diamond Studded Ring
  • 💍 Silver/Platinum/White Gold Ring With Precious Stone
  • 💍 Diamond Ring
  • 💍 Proposal
  • 💍 Wedding Proposal
  • 💍 Engaged