10 Flower Emojis to Set the Mood, Virtually

In virtual collaboration with the tradition of floral aesthetics and decor.

Not sure why but mostly, women are associated with flowers. They’re assumed to be as “fragile”, “gentle” and “subtle” as a flower. There’s only one similarity between the two, and that’s beauty. That’s about it.

Flowers exist by themselves. They don’t care how or why they’re associated with the human world. They don’t give half a flying fluck as to how “weak” they’re assumed to be. They just bloom and mind their own business. See. Was that so hard?

Flowers in the real world are beautiful. Some are poisonous, some are wild, some easily bloom, some take ages, but they’re all absolutely beautiful. Flowers online may not do half the justice to the actual essence of flowers, but they can be powerful symbols for the same.

Sunflower Emoji

🌻 Sunflowers

Bloom Season 🌞 Summer

  • 🌻 Not all sunflowers face the sun, only the young ones. The oldies face east. And that kids, is what maturity is all about.
  • 🌻 Sunflowers can be really tall. And by really tall, we mean a maximum of 30 feet!
  • 🌻 These gals are self-pollinators!
  • 🌻 Not all of them are yellow, btw. There are red and purple sunflowers too.
Cherry Blossom Emoji

🌸 Cherry Blossoms

Bloom Season🍃 Spring
Some cherry blossoms bloom in ❄️ Winter as well.

  • 🌸 Cherry blossoms can be white too. Besides, they’re color-changing throughout the bloom season.
  • 🌸 is 🇯🇵 Japan‘s national flower.
  • 🌸 Although the bloom is spectacular, each cherry blossom tree blooms for just one week.
  • 🌸 They’re about 200 species of cherry blossom!
  • 🌸 You can eat cherry blossom petals!

Rose Emoji

🌹 Roses

Bloom Season – 🍃 Spring, 🌞 Summer, 🍂 Fall

  • 🌹 They’re edible!
  • 🌹 is one of the oldest flowers, approximately dating back to 35 million years!
  • 🌹 There are about 150 rose species in the world.
  • 🌹 is the national flower of the 🇺🇸 United States.
  • 🌹 There are 24 different colors and they all mean different things! Thus making the red rose the most romantic.
  • 🌹 We’ve all heard at least one song that includes the rose, as in the flower, or just the word or idea of a rose. There are over 4000 such lyrics in various languages!
Hibiscus Emoji

🌺 Hibiscus

Bloom Season – 🌞 Summer

🌺 You can eat dried hibiscus.
🌺 These flowers have tons of health and hair benefits!
🌺 Hibiscus tea is a thing and it can be great for your body.
🌺 is also called the “shoe flower” (sad) because these pretty little things were used to polish shoes.
🌺 was also used in making mascaras!

Tulip Emoji

🌷 Tulip Emoji

Bloom Season – 🍃 Spring

  • 🌷 Tulips come in all colors except jet black and blue. If you do see tulips in these colors, they’ve bred their way up to the bloom.
  • 🌷 Popular tulips like the one in this emoji are just one type of tulips among 15 other groups!
  • 🌷 If perfectionism is your thing, you’re in for a visual treat because tulips are symmetrical as hell!
  • 🌷 You can eat them, much like many other flowers.
Rosette Emoji

🏵 Rosette

This one’s not exactly a flower, it’s the arrangement of a flower; circularly. Hence there’s no particular bloom season for this emoji, instead, 🏵 could be used to refer to other circularly arranged flowers, like marigolds.

Wilted Flower Emoji

🥀 Wilted Flower

What mostly seems like a droopy 🌹 or a 🌷 could refer to any flower that’s wilted or is in the process of withering away. Essentially, 🥀 describes any dead/dying flower(s). It could also represent a sleeping flower that would bloom according to its daily bloom cycle.

Blossom Emoji

🌼 Blossoms

Like the rosette, 🌼 too is not in particular reference to any flower, but it is a general category of all floral species blooming from stone fruit trees. Also, this emoji can be used in metaphorical and literal descriptions of blossoming, much like the name.

White Flower Emoji

💮 White Flower

This one’s more of a stamp than an actual flower. Remember the times our teachers gave us stars for impeccable work? 💮 is one such star that Japanese teachers use to show appreciation and encouragement.

But that’s not all. You could extend the use-case of this emoji to any white flower that’s all white, or has a red or pink outline. Besides, this emoji can be used to show appreciation in any virtual schooling context, apart from just Japanese.

Bouquet Emoji

💐 Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers. What a thoughtful gift, ain’t it? Kill a dozen of flowers and stock them all up just to make a pretty little bunch. Just kidding.

Since 💐 contains more than just a single flower or a single kind of flower, you could use this emoji while talking in plurals. 💐 is a great wedding emoji too.

Flowers are expressive. Not only in themselves but even in the situations or events they partake in. They make things special. But. That doesn’t mean we go around assuming everyone loves chopped-up flowers! Each has their own preference. However. Giving or receiving flowers is not the only space flowers come into the picture. They’re a lot more than that!

So, whatever may be your context of flowers, we hope these flower emojis come in handy!