💒 Wedding


Marriage, Union, Love, Church Wedding, Wedding Bells, Matrimony, Christian Wedding

💒 Meaning: A building designed in varying shades of pink, with a big pink heart on the building and a Christian cross at the top. The structure also has a glass entrance and a couple of long windows on both sides.

Considering the depiction of the 💒 Wedding emoji, it represents a Christian wedding hall or a church with an ongoing wedding (it wouldn’t be pink otherwise). It signifies love, marital union, and a church wedding.

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How and When to Use the 💒 Wedding Emoji

  • If you’re sharing pictures of your outfit to a wedding/your wedding as a direct message (DM) or as a social media post/story, you can use 💒.
  • If you’re posting a ‘Wedding Countdown’ either for yourself or a dear friend on social media, use 💒. For example, “Twelve more days, until my best girlfriend finally rides the horse with her knight in shining armour, and then the knight 💒. haha”.
  • You can also use 💒 while congratulating someone on their wedding, or even while wishing a couple for their wedding anniversary.
  • Although 💒 shows a church wedding, it can be used to represent weddings belonging to all cultures.
  • If your favourite celebrities are finally tying the knot and your emotions are all over your social media handle, you can use 💒 as a way of saying “MY FAV WEDDING BELLS OF THE SEASON 💒”.
  • Bring 💒 into general themes surrounding ‘wedding’, such as ‘matrimony’, ‘marriage’, ‘wedding season’, ‘wedding bells’, ‘vows’, etc.

Other Names

  • 💒 Wedding Hall
  • 💒 Church Wedding
  • 💒 Christian Wedding
  • 💒 Marriage Hall
  • 💒 Convention Centre
  • 💒 Church
  • 💒 Matrimony

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