Veggie Delight – An Emoji Series

Artsy vegetable emojis that can cheer anyone to eat their veggies!!

When we hear the word “veggies”, we’re always a little worried if we’re hearing it right and in the right context. What if it’s the veggie that begins with a ‘W’? What if they’re talking about the awkward times when I had friction between my cheeks? What if veggies are all about butts? 😰

Don’t worry. We’re not here to make butt jokes. We’re here to talk about vegetables, aka veggies.

Many of us hate vegetables. It’s a task to finish our salads, and it’s a task to endure life without eating them. It’s complicated as you can see. But there are many others who love every single vegetable, including caring for them! How do you care for vegetables? Dark humor, Sharon.

Anyway. Vegetable emojis are here to talk about them veggies and to piss off a non-vegetarian. Nothing like dark jokes and dad jokes in the same place.

Leafy Green Emoji

🥬 Leafy Greens

Digging straight into the healthiest veggie there is, greens! Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc., all count under 🥬. Popeye could’ve never been half as strong as he was without spinach! Now you know what that means.

Besides, we can agree that anything green is bound to be refreshing and re-energizing. You hear that, fellas? She’s talking about us! Potheads!

Broccoli Emoji

🥦 Broccoli

Broccoli is said to one of the top most-hated veggies of all time. They’re either found to be bitter, or just downright disgusting. But, that’s being a little vegetable-ist ain’t it? There are a lot of us who love 🥦 just as much as any other veggie!

Carrot Emoji

🥕 Carrots

Carrots are pretty much the only vegetable we don’t mind eating raw. But guess what. Raw carrots are not as healthy as cooked carrots. One thing we tolerate and this happens. How twisted could it get?!

Besides, eating a lot of carrot for better eyesight would only increase your sugar intake, because these bad boys have a lot of sugar in them.

Potato Emoji

🥔 Potatoes

Yeah, you need the “toes” at the end to make it the correct plural.

Potatoes are hands down some of the best vegetables out there. Many of us don’t just “tolerate” them, we love them! Sure, there are people who cringe at the thought of potatoes, but hello? What about 🍟 Fries??

Garlic Emoji

🧄 Garlic

Did you know that there’s a day dedicated to garlic? Yep. There’s garlic day in the United States. That’s how famous 🧄 is!

Garlic is not only a great flavor, it’s also medicinal. It helps to keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and a bunch of other things in check, including vampires!
🧛‍♀️ Vampires not only hate the taste, but they’re also allergic to the whole vegetable.

Onion Emoji

🧅 Onions

Onions are a lot like people. The deeper you go beneath the layers, the more it makes you cry.
But, does that undermine the beauty of this vegetable? Not at all! We don’t mind crying all along just to sautee some chopped magic into our meals!

But. That doesn’t mean we go around chopping people. Of course.

On another note, there was a point in time when 🧅 was worshipped. Not just glued to a pedestal and bowed down to, but also authoritatively, since onions had a role to play in a person’s final rites.

Mushroom Emoji

🍄 Mushrooms

If you’re a 90s kid, you’d call this emoji “Super Mushroom” before you called it just a mushroom. If you never played Mario, 🍄 is just fungus to you, which it is.

Mushrooms are fungi. And considering that fact, there are edible and poisonous mushrooms.

So, if you’re out there picking mushrooms to cook for dinner or to intoxicate thyself, it’s important to avoid 🍄 with white gills, red caps, or red stems. Plus, avoid the death cap under all circumstances.

Peanuts Emoji

🥜 Peanuts

The name may be deceiving and making them no more than just “nuts”, but peanuts are legumes. The best thing that ever resulted from the discovery of 🥜 is one hundred percent, the mighty, the tasty, peanut butter!

Many love peanut butter, if they don’t they’re probably related to Howard Wolowitz, or they’re just precautionary of Arachibutyrophobia. Um. What’s that now? It’s the fear or phobia of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Vegetables That Are Actually Fruits

As shocking as it may be, it is the truth and it’s time we accept it!

⊛ Bell Pepper Emoji

🫑 Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are used for their decorative qualities a little more than they’re used for taste. The taste is great, but if you see more than a single color of 🫑 in your salad, it’s most probably for the visual appeal.

Hot Pepper Emoji

🌶 Hot Pepper Emoji

Call them peppers, chilies, red chilies, chili pepper, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, they all mean the same. Prepare. If you think about it, we’re never really prepared for the spice. We crave for it, but when we do consume that chilly, it’s quite easy for it to escalate.

The next time your spice tolerance gets worse with time, DO NOT drink 🚰 water to calm it down. It never helps. Drink 🥛 Milk instead. If you hate milk, try 🍋 Lemon or 🍊 Orange juice. Eating 🍞 Bread helps too.

Cucumber Emoji

🥒 Cucumber

Come summer, and cucumber is one of the superheroes we need the most. It’s funny because the cucumber is cool by itself, but you can also be as cool as one and you could also eat 🥒 to cool down. Trippy.

The next time you cannot find ice or cannot store some just in case, stack up on cucumbers. They work like magic on anything swollen, hot, or tired. Cucumbers and overworked eyes is the combination of the day!

Yes, we meant eyes the whole time.

Eggplant Emoji

🍆 Eggplants

Also known as brinjal, aubergine, and dick, 🍆 has traveled far and wide. This one’s not only the most sexualized vegetable on the platter, it’s also a powerful and ancient Indian aphrodisiac.

Anyhoo. Eggplants are pretty vegetables. The plant and the flower are prettier. But, they’re nightshade vegetables, which means, their anatomy can contain harmful toxins. So, watch before you eat.

Ear Of Corn Emoji

🌽 Ear of Corn

Imagine this. Maize hasn’t been discovered yet. The crop is still unknown to humankind. What would we eat at the movies??!!

This may have been a problem if we lived 8000 years ago. That doesn’t mean popcorn is of the new age. It’s not a new snack and we weren’t the first to discover it.

🍿 Popcorn has been known to humans roughly since 4700 BC. Yeah. Before Jesus even walked this earth. Maybe the Lord loved popcorn just as much as we do!

Chestnut Emoji

🌰 Chestnuts

Before you pass any further, it’s important to acknowledge that chestnuts are fruits. They are nuts, but they’re fruits too and not vegetables.

There’s more to a 🌰 than its only purpose of being eaten by humans and squirrels. You can also make beer out of them! That’s not all.

If you wish, you could grind flour out of 🌰, make cakes with it, or even energize on some chestnut vitamin C. So, the next time you forget to take your vitamins or don’t want to, you could just pop in one of these!

Vegetables are vital to our sustenance, and “our sustenance” does not refer just to humans, but to all living beings. Many other species are dependent on veggies for their daily nutrition, and we’re not the only ones entitled to good health. But. We’ve falsely believed so for a very long time.

Cutting down forests and ruining natural habitats not only rob animals and other forms of life of their homes but also of their food and their resources. Do we give a damn? Of course, not! What kind of human gives a shit whether a giraffe lives or dies? What difference does it make to us?!

Lots. And if you’re talking about such a difference or similarities in any context, we hope these veggie emojis are helpful. Just kidding, you can use these emojis in any framework that requires any amount of veggie visibility. Also, we didn’t miss out on the obvious vegetables that are actually fruits, they await you in the fruit world!