🛕 Hindu Temple


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🛕 Meaning: A two-folded temple architecture painted in brown, with a shorter tower-like structure (vimana) in front and a taller one behind it. Both these structures have independent gopuras (the dome) and shikaras (pinnacle). The taller pinnacle also has a flag on it.

The 🛕 Hindu Temple emoji represents the impeccable temple architecture found in India, Sri Lanka, and other religious hotspots in various countries. Besides a type of clothing design, it also signifies the Hindu religion, belief, traditions, marriages, faith, and festivities too.

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How and When to Use the 🛕 Hindu Temple Emoji

  • While sharing pictures and/or videos of Hindu temples, religious ceremonies taking place in temples, Hindu deities, and Hindu weddings held at temples, you can use 🛕 in those post captions.
  • Temple prints are famous and well-chosen by populations in places such as South India. 🛕 is welcome into captions for posts that are about these gorgeous saree prints too.
  • Use 🛕 while wishing someone for a Hindu festival; Dussehra, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, and the list is honestly quite endless. This applies even while sharing posts/reposts for the same.
  • Hindu mythology is fascinating and quite famous within Hindu-dominated countries and outside. If you’re sharing something along these lines; it can be an apt story from the Mahabharat that fits your post caption or even a Shloka you love, etc, you can use 🛕 in those contexts as well.

Other Names

  • 🛕 Mandir
  • 🛕 Devalayam
  • 🛕 Temple
  • 🛕 Hindu Place of Worship
  • 🛕 Gudi
  • 🛕 Devasthana
  • 🛕 Devalaya
  • 🛕 Degul
  • 🛕 Koil
  • 🛕 Kovil