⛪ Church


Worship, Christian Faith, Belief, Tradition, Christian Rituals, Architecture, Religion

Meaning: A solid building with three portions, the middle hosting a triangular roof with a cross at the top, and a circular structure below it. The other two portions have two long windows each.

The ⛪ Church emoji represents the Christian place of worship. It signifies faith, belief, religion, tradition, Christian rituals, ceremonies, etc. This emoji can also refer to church architecture and the Christian way of doing things.

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How and When to Use the ⛪ Church Emoji

  • If you liked what someone said in a post, the message of a post, or even something someone said in a group chat, you can use ⛪ as a way of saying “Amen” or “Preach!”.
  • If someone or something made you want to be taken to church, you can use ⛪ while texting your best friend about it. The song and the phrase have more interpretations than one, and you can use this emoji to fit the one that suits you best! (not to be anti-church or anything, it’s more like, pro-pop-culture).
  • Worship, to different people, means different things. Similarly, ⛪ can also be used to represent ‘worship’ in varying frameworks. For example, “Rock music is honestly one good worship vibe ⛪”.
  • While posting or reposting beautiful church architecture, you must use ⛪ in the caption. This holds good for any context that directly refers to a church; a Christian wedding, baptism, Sunday School, worship, etc.

Other Names

  • ⛪ Christian Place of Worship
  • ⛪ Catholic Church
  • ⛪ Chapel
  • ⛪ Parish
  • ⛪ Sanctuary
  • ⛪ Shrine
  • ⛪ Temple of God
  • ⛪ Synagogue