🐃 Water Buffalo


Strength, Obedience, Appetite, Obesity, Diligence, Manual Labor

🐃 Meaning: The full body of a large water buffalo on all fours, characterized by its all-black skin, long tail, and its low, crescent-shaped horns. This emoji mainly signifies strength and endurance but ironically, can also suggest laziness and even unattractiveness.

Water buffaloes are known for being excellent workers in farms, especially in tilling, and this emoji suggests the level of dedication and obedience that these creatures are forced through.

Different platforms vary in their color scheme and design in their depiction of this emoji. Some even have the water buffalo looking straight ahead.

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How and When to Use the 🐃 Water Buffalo Emoji

  • When the conversation literally involves a water buffalo, there’s no better emoji than 🐃.
  • A lazy person can be depicted using 🐃.
  • Water buffaloes are known for their strength to pull carts and in tilling fields. Therefore strength in a person can be metaphorized with this 🐃 emoji.
  • If you’re faced with strenuous tasks, “The work of a buffalo”, this 🐃 emoji fits in well.
  • 🐃 can also signify obesity, and can be used to depict that.

Other Names

  • 🐃 Buffalo
  • 🐃 Yak
  • 🐃 Buff
  • 🐃 Bull
  • 🐃 Bison
  • 🐃 Beef
  • 🐃 Water Ox
  • 🐃 Beast Of Burden