🖇️ Linked Paperclips


Connection, Commonality, Linking, Interlinking, Together, Stationery

🖇️ Meaning: A pair of 📎 Paperclips intertwined at the top. Sometimes, this emoji is shown with three paperclips. The 🖇️ Linked Paperclips emoji signifies the act of interlinking or linking two or more things. It could also suggest a ‘connection’, ‘joining the dots’, or even making sense of things.

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How and When to Use the 🖇️ Linked Paperclips Emoji

  • If you’re talking about something that’s amiss, you can use 🖇️. For example, “There ought to be a missing link somewhere! 🖇️ It’s too good to be true otherwise”.
  • You can also use 🖇️ to link things or even people together. Like, “I think he knows her through his office colleagues 🖇️” or “If you put two and two together, you’d know 🖇️”.
  • Since two paperclips are linked, 🖇️ may also symbolize commonality. For instance, “I think the best thing that links us is music 🖇️” or “Reading is one thing that can never keep us apart 🖇️. Ironic, but true”.
  • Even while referring to ‘connections’, you can use 🖇️; it can be from a very straightforward, literal perspective and also a metaphorical or deep one – “You don’t always see each other but you somehow always know they’re out there somewhere 🖇️”.

Other Names

  • 🖇️ Paperclips
  • 🖇️ Interlinking
  • 🖇️ Linking
  • 🖇️ Connections
  • 🖇️ Paperclip Chain
  • 🖇️ Stationery

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