📉 Chart Decreasing


Reduction, Decrease, Deterioration, Negative Trends, Degrowth, Negative Economy

📉 Meaning: A rectangular graph sheet very similar to the 📈 Chart Increasing, but with a downward graph beginning from the top right corner of the leaf to the bottom left of the same.

The 📉 Chart Decreasing emoji signifies reduction, deterioration, and a sense of worsening, and degrowing. Due to the steep low without any peaks of growth, this emoji suggests a constant negative trend.

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How and When to Use the 📉 Chart Decreasing Emoji

  • If you’re talking about someone who’s impression or idea decreased with time, or that someone or something’s persona is just a facade, use 📉. For instance, “It’s all a hoax. Two weeks into it, and you begin to question everything about it 📉”.
  • 📉 can be used in positive connotations too – to indicate reduction in pain-bearing attributes, qualities, or scenarios. Like, “My standard of living in the past two years 📈 and my negative beliefs about myself 📉” or “My separation anxiety each time I see my cat 📉”.
  • As mentioned in the previous point’s example, you can use 📉 and 📈 in the same context that showcases contrast. For exampleups and downs, highs and lows, etc. – “You’d come across all sorts of days. The good and the bad 📉📈. Smile through it all and know that it ain’t the end of the world”.
  • From an obvious POV, 📉 would fall into captions for posts that are about trends, economy, business, and anything to do with graphs.

Other Names

  • 📉 Negative Trend
  • 📉 Negative Trend Chart
  • 📉 Reducing Graph
  • 📉 Downward Graph Line
  • 📉 Down Pointing Graph
  • 📉 Negative Chart
  • 📉 Chart With Downwards Trend