📊 Bar Chart


Comparison, Weighing Out, Variation, Fluctuation, Categorization, Vertical Bar Graph

📊 Meaning: A vertically rectangular graph paper with three vertical bar graphs of varying heights and differing colors; generally green, red, and blue. Sometimes, there may even be four bars with an additional color.

The 📊 Bar Chart emoji suggests a variation among the graph or chart emojis. This emoji, unlike 📈 Chart Increasing and 📉 Chart Decreasing measures attributes with solid bars instead of lines. It signifies comparison at large, among different categories.

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How and When to Use the 📊 Bar Chart Emoji

  • While weighing out your options in a textual conversation or even while asking someone to do so, you can use 📊. For example, “Yea. Going dancing is better than going drinking. But, I want to drink. But, also I’m broke. So let’s dance 📊”.
  • You may use 📊 in the context of music too; billboard chart posts, your Spotify wrap, or even a direct message of your fav-song compilation. Like, “The first 10 tracks are my fav. It varies after that 📊”.
  • 📊 could suggest fluctuation or variation too. Essentially, something that’s not constant. So, if you’re pointing out something like that, bring in this emoji.
  • Examples for the previous point: “Her name on the charts was off and on, man 📊” or “2020 had my emotional stability like 📊”.

Other Names

  • 📊 Bar Graph
  • 📊 Bar Graph Chart
  • 📊 Vertical Bar Graph
  • 📊 Horizontal Bar Chart (could be used as well)
  • 📊 Varying Bars on a Graph Chart
  • 📊 Graph Paper With Bars