📎 Paperclip


Binding, Togetherness, Unity, Stationery, Significance, Holding Together

📎 Meaning: A metal string looped rectangularly forming a paperclip. The 📎 Paperclip emoji pins and keeps papers together, hence, it could signify a sense of togetherness, belonging, and sticking together. It acts as the essential stitch in time.

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How and When to Use the 📎 Paperclip Emoji

  • Today, a paperclip is just another stationery. But, historically, this little guy had deep significance. And, if you’re using this significance in any context, you may use 📎. Like, “Rebel. React. Resist 📎’.
  • From a much “present” perspective, use 📎 while talking about togetherness in a post caption or text message. Not any togetherness, but the kind that holds things together without diminishing each of their value.
  • Examples for the previous point: “If you want to keep someone, you cannot change them. You can only love them 📎” or “The best kind of relationships are the ones that don’t change you, but change you for the better 📎”.
  • 📎 can also be used to signify the little things. Because although they’re small, they’re quite significant. For instance, “Sometimes, the things that mean the most are the things we take for granted 📎”.

Other Names

  • 📎 Clippy
  • 📎 Gem Clip
  • 📎 Paper Fastener
  • 📎 Paper Holder
  • 📎 Paper Clip