🔗 Link


Connection, Integration, Togetherness, Website Link, Credibility, Copyable Link, Twinning

🔗 Meaning: A pair of slightly rectangular metal links, rounded on all sides, and interlinked at the center. The 🔗 Link emoji symbolizes connection, togetherness, a network, and a sense of being attached.

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How and When to Use the 🔗 Link Emoji

  • A link would signify a part of a whole or the importance of the part in itself. Hence, if you’re talking about this metaphorical aspect, you can use 🔗. Like, “Nature creates unity even in parts of the whole 🔗”.
  • In a virtual framework, 🔗 would represent a copyable link or even an un-copyable one; like an informative hyperlink. So, if you’re sharing such a link on any platform, you can use 🔗 to suggest the same.
  • Speaking of copyable links, 🔗 can also signify a sense of copying; euphemistically meaning ‘matching’, ‘twinning’, etc. Like, “Got our first ever couple rings! 🔗” or “Hey. We SHOULD get a twinning tattoo 🔗”.
  • Basing a use-case on ‘in-linking’, 🔗 can be brought into the literal and figurative interpretations of the same. For instance, “Try and add as many in-links as possible 🔗” or “You don’t always need further background info. Sometimes, you got to take that gut instinct FR🔗”.

Other Names

  • 🔗 Metal Link
  • 🔗 In Link
  • 🔗 Chain
  • 🔗 Hyperlink
  • 🔗 Copyable Link
  • 🔗 Website Link
  • 🔗 Linked Chain
  • 🔗 Link Symbol