📍 Round Pushpin


Location, Venue, Place, Travelling, Map, Mapping, Directions, Dropped Pin

📍 Meaning: A straight pin with a metallic end and a red ball attached on top. The 📍 Round Pushpin emoji represents the ‘location’ icon or pin. Hence, signifying a particular place, spot, venue, traveling, and a map. It can also suggest directions and mapping.

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How and When to Use the 📍 Round Pushpin Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone you’re current location, sending the location itself, or even asking someone about theirs, you can use 📍. For example, “I’ve been stuck within these walls the whole of 2020 📍. What do you want” or “Where are you?? 📍”.
  • Use 📍 in the ‘venue’ section of any post caption or text message to indicate the venue of an event.
  • Since 📍 also looks like a dropping or falling pin, you can use 📍 while using the famous pin-drop silence quote anywhere.
  • Generally found on virtual maps, 📍 may also be used to indicate ‘mapping’ in a metaphorical sense. For instance, “Mapping not only meant for atlas. Mind mapping could be used 📍”.
  • 📍 would also fit perfectly fine even while mentioning the location of a picture, post, repost, etc. Like, “Taken somewhere on the way 📍”.

Other Names

  • 📍 Location Pin
  • 📍 Location Icon
  • 📍 Pin
  • 📍 Dropped Pin
  • 📍 Mapping Pin
  • 📍 Red Pin
  • 📍 Red Pushpin

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