📌 Pushpin


Importance, Priority, Significance, Pinning Down, Bulletin, Public Notice

📌 Meaning: A pushpin or thumb pin devised with a metal needle at the bottom and a red body on top. The 📌 Pushpin emoji signifies ‘pinning’ something, essentially attributing to something important, highly significant, or even requiring immediate and easy access.

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How and When to Use the 📌 Pushpin Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about how she/he needs to save something or archive something, you can use 📌. For example, “I suggest you archive those screenshots 📌” or “PIN THAT MESSAGE 📌”.
  • Similarly, you could also use 📌 in your post captions encouraging your audience(s) to ‘save’ your post or anything other such content.
  • Pinning something may also suggest a degree of priority. For instance, “Put this at the top of your task list for tomorrow 📌” or “Rearrange your goals and always put first things first! 📌”.
  • Generally, 📌 can be used to refer to a bulletin, public notice board, etc. Similarly, 📌 maybe brought into contexts of public announcements too.
  • And from an idiomatic use-case perspective, 📌 could also represent pinning down something or… someone (*creepily winks*).

Other Names

  • 📌 Thumb Pin
  • 📌 Pin
  • 📌 Pinning
  • 📌 Bulletin Pin
  • 📌 Priority
  • 📌 Pin Down
  • 📌 Archive
  • 📌 Thumbtack/Thumb Tack