📂 Open File Folder


Transparency, Honesty, Openness, Organizing, Larger Storage, Portfolio

📂 Meaning: A grey file folder, same as the 📁 File Folder, but widely open a little, revealing the storage space. The 📂 Open File Folder emoji is slightly in contrast with the file folder. It suggests file protection, the process of filing, and a wider holder as compared to the file folder.

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How and When to Use the 📂 Open File Folder Emoji

  • Folders are some of the best ways of organizing especially in a work setting. However, you could extend 📂 even to the personal sphere. Like, “Don’t throw around important stuff like that! Keep all your certificates together 📂”.
  • An open folder could signify a sense of openness; transparency with officiality. So, if you’re indicating that a profession, investment, or any such professional aspect is an open book or rather an open folder, you can use 📂.
  • Examples for the previous point: “There’s nothing we hide between the employees and the managers in here 📂” or “That place is opaque even between the workers! 📂”.
  • 📂 may also indicate that the folder is opened or about to be filled. For instance, “Just going through your documents 📂” or “I’m all set to put better things into my portfolio! 📂”.

Other Names

  • 📂 Open Folder
  • 📂 File Folder
  • 📂 Organizing
  • 📂 Filing
  • 📂 Portfolio
  • 📂 File
  • 📂 File Icon