📏 Straight Ruler


Measurement, Geometry, Drawing Lines, Boundaries, School, Stationery, Spacing

📏 Meaning: A slanting grey ruler or scale divided in between with a plain side and an inches and centimeters side. The 📏 Straight Ruler emoji represents small scale measurement. It could signify straight lines, drawing a line, geometry, or even a deadly weapon.

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How and When to Use the 📏 Straight Ruler Emoji

  • If you’re advising your best friend, generally texting anyone about setting boundaries, or even putting up a post with a caption about the same, you can use 📏.
  • Examples for the previous use-case: “You should always draw a line right from the start 📏” or “Boundaries have nothing to do with ego. It just shows that I’m good at drawing lines 📏”.
  • 📏 can also be used to determine ‘space’ between two points. Like, “The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable 📏” (hurts, but you get the point) (no puns intended).
  • Straight rulers are colloquially known as ‘scales’ as well. So, if you’re using a ‘scale’ in a literal or metaphorical manner, you can use 📏. For instance, “Scale every mound there is before you move to the mountains 📏”.
  • Since 📏 is also a unit of measurement, you can use it while genuinely measuring something or even while doing so sarcastically.

Other Names

  • 📏 Scale
  • 📏 Ruler
  • 📏 Yardstick
  • 📏 Geometry Scale
  • 📏 Wooden Ruler
  • 📏 Teaching

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