🗒️ Spiral Notepad


Jotting, Making Note, Noticing, Observation, Lists, Post-it, Accessibility

🗒️ Meaning: A square notepad with ruled pages bound together with a metal spiral and the left corner of the first page rolled up, indicating the pages to be tearable.

The 🗒️ Spiral Notepad emoji represents one of the best ways of jotting down unexpected important details, before the advent of smartphones. It signifies immediate access, and making note of something.

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How and When to Use the 🗒️ Spiral Notepad Emoji

  • You can use 🗒️ in the context of ‘making notes’, ‘making note of’ or even ‘taking down notes’. Like, ‘Ooooh. A burn I see. I’mma take note of this day 🗒️. And you wait. Just YOU WAIT!“.
  • 🗒️ can also be used while referring to grocery lists, a messy to-do list, or even a tearable list that you’d lend over to someone – “Let’s do this. I’ll make a list of all the things you could rather be doing right now 🗒️”.
  • Since the leaves in 🗒️ iare tearable, this emoji could also represent ‘Post-it Notes’. For instance, “Honey, I’ve put the list on the fridge 🗒️”.
  • If you’re advising someone to always be ready to jot things down, you can use 🗒️. For example, “Man. You never know where you could get story ideas from. I really suggest you carry one of these around 🗒️”.
  • Speaking of jotting things down, 🗒️ can also indicate observations, observing, or precisely, a notebook for such observations.

Other Names

  • 🗒️ Post-it Notes
  • 🗒️ Notepad
  • 🗒️ Notepad Icon
  • 🗒️ Spiral Memo
  • 🗒️ Small Book
  • 🗒️ Magnetic Pad
  • 🗒️ Memo Pad