???? Girl


Female, Feminine, Kid, Lass, Youngster, Youth, Schoolgirl, Lassie, Teenage

???? Meaning: A stereotypical face of a girl with straight parted hair and two tiny ponytails. This emoji signifies girlhood and all the adventures of being a girl.

The ???? Girl emoji best suits contexts that say ‘girl’ (literally. We don’t do metaphors with genders), like a baby shower, a birthday, etc. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

How and When to Use the ???? Girl Emoji

  • If you or someone you know is expecting a baby girl, then you could use ???? in your virtual invites, or even sharing or posting something on social media.
  • If you’re sharing pictures of your baby girl (your child. Girlfriends and wives don’t count, they’re women) either on DMs or on your social media stories, you could tag along the ???? emoji.
  • You could also use ???? to respond to girl empowerment posts or messages that you may come across on social media.
  • If you had a vacation with your daughter, niece, or any young girl that you love very much and you’re sharing those pictures on social media, you can use ????.
  • If you’re trying to draft a script that involves emojis and there’s a girl in it, you could use ????..
  • Kindly refrain from making cringy applications of the ???? emoji.

Other Names

  • ???? Child
  • ???? Kid
  • ???? Lady
  • ???? It’s a Girl!
  • ???? Youngster
  • ???? Youth
  • ???? Lass
  • ???? Daddy’s Girl
  • ???? Female
  • ???? Young Lady
  • ???? Lassie
  • ???? Schoolgirl
  • ???? Cute Girl
  • ???? Sweet Girl
  • ???? Teen Girl