🍄 Mushroom


Fungus, Edible, Cooking, Super Mushroom Mario, Shrooms, Psychedelic

🍄 Meaning: A two-layered emoji with a thick and short white stem at the bottom and a red cup-like, polka-dotted fleshy structure centered around and above the stem.

Looking a lot like Super Mushroom, the 🍄 Mushroom emoji can refer to the game to a lower extent. However, largely speaking, it signifies fungi (yep, and we love fungi!), nutrition, cooking, and psychedelics too.

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How and When to Use the 🍄 Mushroom Emoji

  • Starting with the subjectively legal usage – if you’re posting or reposting anything that relates to fungi and mostly looks like a mushroom, you can use 🍄 in such captions.
  • Secondly, you may use 🍄 while sharing pictures of mushroom dishes! It can be a social media post/story or even a text message.
  • Since 🍄 looks like Goombas, you can also use this emoji while sharing some ‘nostalgic’ Nintendo posts about the game, a sketch of the same, or even a social media story about revisiting the game.
  • If you’re sharing an embarrassing picture of the time you got a bowl cut, or more famously known as the ‘mushroom cut’ or you’re currently embarrassing your kid by sharing his/her picture, then go on and use 🍄 in such contexts!
  • Now, the not-so-legal stuff (believe me, it’s not legal everywhere as you may assume). You can use 🍄 while sharing anything related to magic mushrooms; it can be a picture/video from your camera roll, a story, or even a repost about the same.
  • Besides recreational use, 🍄 can also be used while sharing informative content about psilocybins too.

Other Names

  • 🍄 Fungus
  • 🍄 Toadstool
  • 🍄 Fungi
  • 🍄 Shrooms
  • 🍄 Magic Mushrooms
  • 🍄 Goomba
  • 🍄 Agaricus
  • 🍄 Puffball
  • 🍄 Bolete
  • 🍄 Morchella