🌶 Hot Pepper


Spice, Passion, Wild, Fiery, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hot, Seduction

🌶 Meaning: A red chili, thick on the top while it tapers and bends to the right towards the bottom end. There’s also a green stalk with a tiny stem sticking out from the top.

The 🌶 Hot Pepper emoji signifies spice on a very general ground. However, it can also suggest a sense of being passionate, fiery, wild, sensual, lustful, and desirous too.

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How and When to Use the 🌶 Hot Pepper Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a sexy picture of yourself on your social media handle, you can use 🌶 in the caption to indicate a sense of being ‘hot’.
  • You can also use 🌶 while sending a seductive or wild post to someone or even while commenting on the same.
  • If you love chilies, hot peppers, chili flakes or if you feel the vegetable best suits your personality, or if you’re a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, then you ought to use 🌶 in your social media profile name.
  • 🌶 also must be used in the contexts of spice. For instance, if you’re sharing a picture, video, or textual recipe of a spiced-out dish that you prepared, or a repost of a mouth-watering spicy meal that you came across, you can use this emoji in all those contexts.
  • Did your bestie send you something incredibly impressive? Like a hot dress she bought or a sexy pair of shoes he got or even a seductive photoshoot of hers/his? You can use 🌶 while responding to any of such pictures/videos as a way of saying “Ooooh!! You look fantastic 🌶!

Other Names

  • 🌶 Red Chilli
  • 🌶 Peppers
  • 🌶 Chilli
  • 🌶 Chilli Flakes
  • 🌶 Cayenne Pepper
  • 🌶 Jalapeno
  • 🌶 Chilli Pepper
  • 🌶 Red Hot Chili Peppers

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