🍿 Popcorn


Movie Time, Drama, One-Time Watch, Mindless Fun, Transformation, Party, Chill

🍿 Meaning: A rectangular box printed with red and white stripes holding a heap of popcorn that is creamish brown. The capacity of the box would vary across different platforms.

The 🍿 Popcorn emoji signifies a sense of relaxing over a movie or even an informal get together with your buddies or family. It can also suggest drama or even a process of transforming (from being corn to popcorn!).

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How and When to Use the 🍿 Popcorn Emoji

  • If your best friend or a close family member (with whom you share a close bond), is sharing some gossip or even something about their day that made them go nuts, you can use 🍿 in those conversations – like, “Oooooh. Drama 🍿 Go on, I’m all ears”.
  • While sharing a social media story or even while texting someone about a movie you’re watching, like a ‘movie time’ story/text, you can use 🍿. For instance, “Horror movie marathon – Halloween edition!! 🍿”.
  • Although a box of popcorn is the typical movie snack, it does imply other usages too. If you’re sharing anything about a popcorn movie/flick/film, 🍿 can be brought it – either within a movie review or even while telling your buddy that the movie was a one-time watch, etc.
  • 🍿 can also be used in the contexts of a ‘party’. So, if you’re either throwing a virtual party or a physical one (provided its COVID safe), you can use this emoji in the invitation. For example, “Weekend scene at my place. BLOCK YA DATES 🍿”.

Other Names

  • 🍿 Kettle Corn
  • 🍿 Movie Time
  • 🍿 Popcorn Movie
  • 🍿 Butter Popcorn
  • 🍿 Corn Kernels
  • 🍿 Popped Corn (haha)
  • 🍿 Box of Popcorn
  • 🍿 Puff Corn (usable)